B&B Best Lines Monday 1/10/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 1/10/11


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Nick: Well, you lost your minister, and I'm a sea captain, so I'm just gonna have to do this my way. I gotta clear the air about a few things here. Now the two of you have represented nothing but the word "obstacle" to me, especially when it came to marriage and your life, mother. Let's be honest. There's been a lot of pain involved here and infidelity and a child with another woman. That would cause most normal women to walk away from this man, or run, for that matter. ....... But you didn't. You stuck it out. You stayed with him, which I thought was a very bad decision. I thought it was about your pride and ego and about the embarrassment that you might face if you stood up and said, "I have made a terrible mistake here." But I was wrong. I was simply passing judgment, a judgment about the rules of marriage and the way it's supposed to be. And it wasn't until today that I realized the hypocrisy of that way of thinking, especially for me, a man who, since day one, has set out to break every rule he's faced, a man who looks warily upon society's expectation, a man who will not accommodate to anyone else's rules. And you know where I got that, mother? I got it from you, the quintessential rule breaker. And you just don't know how long I've wanted to thank you for that. So I stand here humbly saying "thank you." How could I ever live by the creed and expect you not to do the same? I'm not gonna pretend I don't have issues with one Owen, because we're very different, just as a surfer and sailor. But today, and not until today, I can stand here and admit that we have one thing in common. We both love you.

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