B&B Best Lines Wednesday 12/22/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 12/22/10


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Brooke: Okay, yes, there are drug dealers, and there's drug addicts, and there's people that are mentally ill. But there's other people, too-- people with families, people who've been laid off of their jobs, good people. Just people who happened to fall through the cracks because of the system. And Anthony, oh, my gosh, he's got such a big, huge heart. I don't want him to fall through the cracks. I want to be there for him and help him, especially now. It's Christmas.

Katie: Everything you've been through with Stephanie and meeting all these people who've lost so much, it's really made you think, hasn't it?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. It makes you think about what you have, and it also makes you think about your losses. You know, mom and storm. We've had all our ups and downs and scandals and everything, but we always have somebody to lean on. We always have food on the table. We have a roof above our heads, a nice warm bed to climb into. I mean, just think if you were wondering where your next meal was gonna come from. Anthony once told me that he would give his good kidney just to be able to have a chair.

Katie: God, what a hard life.

Brooke: Yes, but still, he--he's such a kind, loving spirit. He's truly remarkable. And not many people have cared about him.

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