B&B Best Lines Wednesday 12/15/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 12/15/10


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Oliver: Amber, I like you. You're good company, but--

Amber: But I'm not Hope. Yeah, heard that one before. Still, just because a man likes sweet and innocent at the dinner table, doesn't mean he might want something else after dark. You did once.

Amber: He's a geek? Oh, no!

Oliver: Fixing computers is what he was doing when Hope met him. That's all I know.

Amber: Should I talk about gigabytes and bandwidth to steam up his glasses?

Oliver: I've never seen him wear glasses, but...

Amber: Well, that's a plus.

Oliver: When they called him in to work on Steffy Forrester's damn computer, that's when things fell apart with Hope and me.

Amber: Talk about poetic justice. I'll be like your smart bomb to get her back. I have to ask you a question. The other night, when you had your, moment of weakness, was that you, or was it me?

Oliver: The night we slept together?

Amber: That's the one.

Oliver: Was what you or was what me?

Amber: The triple "x" factor. You know, was that something I did? Because if it was, I would like to be able to recreate that again sometime, you know, on purpose. Or are you just, um, always that way? The man of steel. The man who never quits. Do you not remember how many times we went that night?

Oliver: No, I don't remember much from that night at all.

Amber: How to hurt a girl. Well, at least Liam appreciates me.

Oliver: Liam's never met you as far as he knows, Amber. Come on.

Amber: See? It's all Hope back. Think, it is so great to have Hope back. Meanwhile, I will be thinking about what my net worth will be onceLliam marries me. Mm. I bet there's a search engine for that. Yeah.

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