B&B Best Lines Tuesday 11/23/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 11/23/10


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Whip: Well, look, Jackie, it was a P.R. Powder keg, okay? By having the three of you step away, it gives us a little--

Jackie: Oh, please, Whip, I do understand my son's reasonings. It's just that I think that we underestimated our very loyal customers. I mean, yes, the--the controversy was shocking.

Owen: Yeah, but come on. What isn't these days? Look at Forrester Creations. You got Ridge's son and his wife standing on stage kissing for all the world to see.

Nick: That's a publicity stunt. It doesn't compare to what happened between you and Bridget.

Jackie: My point is that our customers and our buyers did not abandon us in droves as we had feared, maybe because you did shift the focus from the controversy to Amber's new line, but... we're in an even bigger pickle now, one that totally threatens to destroy everything that we have worked so hard for. We can't allow that to happen, Nicky.

Nick: We... meaning him?

Jackie: You have to respect my marriage. And I know that is so hard for you for many, many reasons, but I adore this man, and he adores me, and, yes, we do share a child with another woman, but Bridget has been so wonderful. And the three of us are making this work for Logan, because we want to surround him with love, and we want him to feel safe and secure, no matter how nontraditional his family may appear to other people. Isn't that all that truly matters, Nicky? I mean, really?

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