B&B Best Lines Friday 11/19/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 11/19/10


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Bill: You're not driving.

Liam: I'm not getting-- I'm not getting dropped off at this party by my dad, okay?

Bill: No, you're not. I'm gonna call our corporate limo service. I don't need my kid splashed all over the tabloids because he got pulled over for a broken taillight.

Liam: What? Wait. Are you serious? You're gonna call a limo? That is so cool. That--that means I can take Hope for a ride up the coast after the party.

Bill: Yeah, you-- you could do that. Or you could pick up a couple hot girls and take 'em to this private club I kn-- ow. I only happen to know about this club from my previous life. He's a young, eligible guy. He's goin' to a bar. There's gonna be some hot girls. And he--

Katie: He is going with his girlfriend.

Donna: Actually, I'm here to see my sister. I thought you'd be at Hope's party.

Bill: Pass. The last thing I need is to watch my son following Hope around like a salivating dog... carrying her purse in his mouth.

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