B&B Best Lines Thursday 11/11/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 11/11/10


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Brooke: So what was I supposed to do, Eric? Humiliate Thomas in front of the press, in front of everybody?

Eric: Well, that depends. Who would you rather humiliate, Thomas or your husband? Brooke, this is the way life works. Y-you make a snap decision I-in front of all of these people. All these eyes are on you, and it's the wrong decision, and all of a sudden, nothing in your life will ever be the same again.

Brooke: Don't tell me that, Eric. It was only a mistake.

Eric: Can I say something to you as a friend? Consider retiring the word "mistake" from your vocabulary. It's not gonna serve you very well this time.

Brooke: Don't you be angry with me, too.

Eric: I'm not angry with you, Brooke. I'm the one who's always on your side. But I do get frustrated with you. I mean, you know Ridge doesn't think that Thomas is having an affair on the side with you. What's frustrating to me is that a woman as beautiful as you are and as--and as aware of it as you are could so consistently disregard the importance of appearances. Now, granted, I-I do that myself sometimes, and I'm worse at it than you are. It's one of the things that's made us such good friends.

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