B&B Best Lines Wednesday 11/10/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 11/10/10


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Taylor: No, you don't want to hear about the kiss that you--you claim you didn't let happen. Right, Brooke. This is nothing new. This just confirms everything I know about you. You don't know right from wrong. You--you have nothing but a sense of moral ambiguity. That's all you have. That's all you're about. You are sick and destructive. I raised my son to be a good, moral young man.

Brooke: And he is. But that doesn't make him immune to my manipulation? Is that what you're saying, Dr. Forrester?

Taylor: I know that Thomas has said that this was all entirely his idea, but I also know he feels indebted to you.

Brooke: Mm. Right, that's why he's covering for me and saying the kiss was his idea? Because I'm the evil seductress.

Taylor: Brooke, I can't believe you even let him go through with this. Really. You had to know. I mean, what kind of mature, rational adult would let something like this happen without even knowing what was planned? Especially in front of a live audience.

Brooke: You are conveniently forgetting that your own husband planted that seed in Thomas' mind.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh, I-I don't know what you're talking about, but the point is, you never should have been working with Thomas in the first place. That was a complete mistake, and what happened today proves it.

Brooke: No, Taylor. Today proved that Thomas is a strong, independent young man. He's not whining about the fact that you gave all of your stocks to Steffy. He's doing something about it. He's finding a way to get himself into Forrester. He's reinvigorating the men's line. He's working night and day to do that. He didn't want to be overshadowed by hope's fashion show. He wanted his name and his line on the lips of every single reporter there. He wanted to get them talking. Don't you get it?

Taylor: Oh, really? And exactly what are they talking about right now? Are they talking about how phenomenal his designs are? About how he's probably following in the--in the footsteps of his--his grandfather and his--his father because he's very talented? Or maybe--are they talking about how he's following in their footsteps with you?

Brooke: No, Taylor, gosh. The kiss had nothing to do with that.

Taylor: Well, maybe not to you, but it does to everybody else out there who knows your history with Forrester men.

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