B&B Best Lines Thursday 10/21/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 10/21/10


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Dayzee: I just know that when you see somebody who needs help and you can, you've gotta do it. I mean, getting people involved, that's the greatest need.

Stephanie: That's what I'm gonna do as soon as I'm better.

Dayzee: There's just so much. I mean, thousands of people know what it feels like to be homeless. And they just don't know where to turn. I mean, they want to get back up. They just need a hand.

Stephanie: If I told you long ago in a galaxy far away I was homeless, too, you wouldn't believe me, would you? That's a conversation we'll have one day. I mean, this is just one of life's whimsies, you know? A scarf falls off on a roller coaster ride, a girl finds it, I find her in downtown L.A. She's with a baby. It reminds me, brings me memories of things that I know I've deliberately put aside. And I-I mean, it's all so simple. People just want to get along. They want a job. They want some dignity. They want a roof over their head, food for their families, and that's--that's what I gotta do. I've gotta help 'em. And I'm determined to, you know, over the months, the years, whatever that I have, I'm just determined I'm gonna make a difference in people's lives. And it's because of you. I've been given this kind of, I don't know, reawakening. And I thank you for it. I'm very grateful, Dayzee. Thanks

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