B&B Best Lines Thursday 10/14/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 10/14/10


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Stephanie: So you steal things and sell 'em, huh?

Dayzee: Well, I was doing really good until today.

Stephanie: What do they call you?

Dayzee: None of your business. And I don't steal.

Stephanie: Why do you live here then?

Dayzee: It's none of your business either.

Stephanie: Drugs.

Dayzee: You know, you better watch your mouth. I've been really nice. And the police, they don't come around here after dark.

Stephanie: You're a punk kid. You think the world owes you a living. Well, I certainly am not gonna interfere with your high finance here. I just want the scarf. Do you understand?

Dayzee: You threw it away.

Stephanie: It blew away.

Dayzee: You know, I wouldn't be alive if not for the stuff people throw away.

Stephanie: It blew off while I was on a roller coaster. Okay. I lost it. You found it. I'll tell you what. I'll give you a reward. Would that be all right? Here, I have something, actually. Hold on. That's worth 20, maybe 25 times what that scarf is worth. The diamonds are real.

Dayzee: Yeah, and so are the handcuffs they'll put on me when I try and pawn them. No, thank you.

Stephanie: You're messing with the wrong person. I am not afraid of you. Do you understand that? And I don't give a good you know what about your hard-luck story. You have never in your little life ever met anybody with less to lose than me. I just want the scarf.

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