B&B Best Lines Friday 9/3/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 9/3/10


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Jackie: Well, it is mine, Bridget, Owen's. We're a family, the three of us.

Stephanie: A family?

Jackie: I know it's a bit off the page.

Stephanie: A bit off the page? It's out of the book. How can you accept this? You are not thinking straight. Bridget's carrying your husband's child. The three of you are practically living together. This is going to be disastrous. Jackie, I'm your friend. I do not want to see you get hurt.

Jackie: Well, of course he loves her, too, but in a different way. She's giving us so much.

Stephanie: A baby.

Jackie: Yeah, a baby. It's something that Owen's wanted so badly, but you know what? I just couldn't bring myself to raise another child. Well, now I don't have to. Bridget will do all the heavy lifting, and I will just spoil the little darling, and Owen gets his dream-- a son-- oh, or a daughter. And he gets to keep a devoted wife who he adores. Don't be so provincial. We have to think outside the box in situations like this. Owen, Bridget, and I are quite happy. It's going to be a shared experience.

Stephanie: Jackie, you aren't going to raise this child. It isn't yours.

Jackie: You are beginning to sound like my son.

Stephanie: Well, I'm glad to know there's someone else who's still sound of mind. I don't mean to burst your bubble. But, honey, this is weird.

Jackie: There isn't any romance between my husband and Bridget. I mean, yes, he cares for her. But the pregnancy happened because... of one very dramatic night that Owen was just there to help her through.

Stephanie: I'll say he helped her through it.

Jackie: Things aren't always as they appear, Stephanie. You know that. Look, we have a very tidy situation here. We have a husband, we have a wife, and a sweet young thing who is giving us all such a tremendous gift. This baby is going to have a father and two mothers. What could be more perfect? Darling, all we have to concern ourselves with is bringing a healthy little baby into this world.

Stephanie: Jackie! This isn't the '60s. This isn't, you know, a hippie thing. It's no flower movement, no communes, nothing like that, all right? I know you love your husband. I know you do. But eventually, I'm afraid that you'll lose something-- either this little baby that you will have grown to love or... sweetheart, I don't have a good feeling about this.

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