B&B Best Lines Wednesday 8/25/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 8/25/10


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Steffy: This has never been about what I wanted.

Brooke: Well, right now it is. You just can't see how much power you have.

Steffy: Oh, I have power. I'm well aware of that. You know, but the question is, are you gonna make me use it? Does this situation have to get worse before it gets better?

Brooke: Steffy, I'm not standing between you and your father.

Steffy: Yes, you are. You have been there for as long as I really can remember.

Brooke: Ridge has enough room in his heart for the both of us and for your brother and for Rick and Hope, Jack. He's a very generous, loving man.

Steffy: Oh, he'd have to be to forgive you as many times as he has. But you know, our clients, however, may not feel the same way, Brooke.

Brooke: Steffy, stop. I'm just trying to have a real conversation with you. And you're going down a list of your grandmother's talking points. Your father loves you. And I know that you love him, too. And there doesn't have to be all this tension between you. You don't have to make yourself out like a victim.

Steffy: You're right, Brooke. I'm through being a victim. Like you said, I have the power, 25% of this company.

Brooke: You do. You have the power to bring peace to this family, power to make your father happy. And that's what this is all about, isn't it? Winning your father's love. Well, you don't have to do that, 'cause he absolutely adores you. You're not in competition. I wish you wouldn't see it that way. Steffy, Ridge really wants us to work together. And I want to get along with you. I really do. But you can't force me out. You can't tear us apart. Your father has proved his loyalty to me today. And if you continue to push this, you will learn, just as Stephanie has, that Ridge will always support me. Our love is forever and will be severed by no one, not even you.

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