B&B Best Lines Tuesday 8/17/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 8/17/10


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Hope: I want what happened between my mother and Oliver never to have happened. But it did happen. God, he should have known I would never have wanted my first time to be like that.

Liam: Uh, oh. You're a virgin.

Hope: Yeah, I am, and--and proud of it. I-I-I thought Oliver was the guy that I wanted to give myself to, but, uh, not anymore.

Liam: I mean, you don't ever see that happening now?

Hope: Um... you know, I-I think I believe them when they say that it was a case of mistaken identity... but every time that I kiss Oliver, you know, I-I-I can't stop thinking about that night, you know? It's--he touches me, and I feel ill. You know, my whole body just tenses up. The--the thought of making love to someone who's been with my mother? That's--it's repulsive. I...

Liam: Wow.

Hope: And I know it's not fair to Oliver. I still love him. I really do, but... when something so beautiful like that gets ruined, I... I don't know. Maybe something's wrong with me.

Liam: No.

Hope: Maybe that's why I can't get over it.

Liam: No, there's nothing wrong with you, Hope. It's just the opposite. I mean, you're... wow. I mean, just-- you're... wow.

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