B&B Best Lines Friday 8/6/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 8/6/10


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Brooke: Stephanie is right. I've done pretty much everything to destroy it on my own. I'm starting to wonder if your mother isn't right about everything. Am I a human wrecking ball, Ridge? Am I a detriment to everybody I know, especially the people that I love the most?

Ridge: You really want an answer to that because I'll tell you exactly what you are. No one knows you better than I do. Not my mother, not your father or sisters, no one. This is what I know about you, Logan. This is the reason that I have been with you all these years. You're unique, you're unlike any other woman I've ever known. You break the rules...hell, you make your own rules. But you never meant to hurt Hope and Oliver. Life's a crazy ride you know? Your's may be a ittle crazier than most, but there's a goodness about you that Hope has lived with since the day she was born. And she will get back to remembering that eventually. One day she is going to accept that it was just a mistake because that is all it was, a silly Logan mistake. She's not going to hold this against you, just like I haven't. And she is going to love you just like I do.

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