B&B Best Lines Monday 8/2/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 8/2/10


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Nick: Oh, look at that. Very nice, Sean. Let me ask you question. How would you feel if you saw these photos on some celebrity web site that tells you that my mother's husband is the father of my wife's child, ever more visible.

Jackie: That's enough, Nicky.

Nick: No, what's enough, mother, is what you keep telling yourself-- that you and Bridget and Owen, you're gonna adore one another and everything's gonna be ducky. Well, it's not. It's gonna be a nightmare as soon as this gets out. And you're not the only one who's gonna suffer, you know. This business and everybody's livelihood is gonna suffer here. So I have a suggestion. I suggest we lighten the blow here and retire the two of you from your oho-photogenic married bliss from the public eye, or at least retire "snow white" here.

Jackie: Owen, Bridget and I-- we are just trying to do what is best for everyone, including the baby, and I refuse to be ashamed.

Nick: Mother, I don't want to shame you. I just want to make sure that your reality checks don't bounce.

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