B&B Best Lines Tuesday 7/27/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 7/27/10


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Hope: You want to explain? Okay, sure. Go ahead. Explain. I-I want to understand how you could do what you did with my mother. No. No. I want to hear it all from you.

Oliver: Okay. The party was insane-- the music, the lights, everyone was wearing the masks, and you came out of the crowd. I saw your necklace, and we--we started dancing. And then you said-- I mean, I thought it was you. You said, "I'm ready." I'd been waiting and waiting, and I just-- I just wanted you so much. I-I had no idea it wasn't you.

Hope: Not a hint? The whole time, not one hint, Oliver?

Oliver: We didn't talk. We didn't take off the masks. Okay? I-I just got carried away. A-and then-- then I came back inside, and I-I saw you coming down the stairs, and... I thought I was losing it. I'd just been with you, but--but no. No, it wasn't you. And then I-I saw your mom take off her mask, and I saw that she was the one wearing the necklace. And she took it off and gave it to you, and I felt like I was hit in the gut with a wrecking ball. You remember. I almost--I almost passed out.

Hope: Y-you thought that--that that was perfect? That that's what I would want my first time? To be out on the terrace with all my friends inside?

Oliver: I should have known.

Hope: Yeah, you should have known, Oliver. I mean, if you had stopped for one second to think or to be romantic, you know? Not one kiss? Really? I mean, you didn't even stop once to ask, "are you okay?" Or--or, "are you sure?" No, you just got all turned on, and you made love to a body. A body that wasn't even mine.

Oliver: I had my own dreams about that night. And no, no, of course it wasn't like that. I got caught up in it, okay? It's because of her. It's not normal to have a mother like this, not the way she is. Accidents like this don't just happen unless it's because of my mother. It happened to Bridget's husband, and now it is happening with you.

Oliver: I don't think that's the same thing at all. This--it-- it was an accident.

Hope: Then why were you so desperate to hide it?

Oliver: Your mom is the most important person in your life. I didn't want to ruin that for you.

Hope: It's too late now.

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