B&B Best Lines Wednesday 6/30/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 6/30/10


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Oliver: I thought I'd gotten through to you. Nothing happened with Mrs. Forrester. That's ridiculous.

Steffy: I'm not so sure about that. And will you stop calling her "Mrs. Forrester"? You're making it all the more creepy.

Oliver: Look, I know that Mrs.-- I know that Brooke hurt you, okay? I get that. And I'm sorry. But this theory of yours, it's wrong and it's-- it's dangerous talk, so just stop, okay?

Steffy: I have proof. I spoke with my Dad. I can prove it was you and Brooke. Brooke was wearing Hope's necklace. She admitted that. My source says she took a guy by the hand, went outside, and then had her way with him at her daughter's graduation party. I mean...

Oliver: That was Ridge.

Steffy: It couldn't have been. "Pose" was playing when Brooke took the masked man onto the terrace. My dad wasn't even around at that point.

Oliver: Obviously, he's mistaken. There was a-a lot going on.

Steffy: Okay, Brooke was with a guy who was wearing a Forrester edition jacket. He had a hood--a hood on, a hood pulled up.

Oliver: So?

Steffy: My dad doesn't like hoods. He never, ever, ever wears them, and he wasn't the guy dancing in the video with the hood on. Oliver, just admit it, okay? Th--this has to be tearing you up inside. I understand you didn't want this. This is classic Brooke. She led you outside. I wouldn't be surprised if she was seducing you.

Oliver: It wasn't like that.

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