B&B Best Lines Wednesday 6/23/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 6/23/10


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Oliver: You've probably known your husband as long as I've been alive, right? You know how far around your arms go when you hold him, how, I don't know, high your head comes to his chest. You know other things about him. Basically, how could you not know I wasn't him? Oh...

Brooke: You were wearing a mask, and everything was in motion, everybody. We were dancing. There was lights, uh, with the fog machine. You were wearing the same black leather jacket. Why would I think you would be anybody else but Ridge?

Oliver: Your hands went under the jacket.

Brooke: Yes. And my hands felt what I saw in my head. You know, I could ask you the same thing. I remember your hands.

Oliver: You were wearing the necklace I gave her. Y-you said the words that she said she'd one day say to me. I-I thought it was all a dream. I couldn't believe it was happening, and I-I wanted to see your face. Her face. I tried to take the mask off, but you wouldn't let me. Why did you do that?

Brooke: I-I-I don't know. I... may--maybe I didn't want anybody to see me.

Oliver: Nobody was watching, and you didn't seem shy.

Brooke: Well, I-- look, I-I don't know. It all happened so fast. And, yes, maybe it was-- it was kind of a fantasy for me, but with my husband, and that is the truth. This wasn't some kind of calculated move on my part. I am horrified by it. You have to believe that.

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