B&B Best Lines Thursday 6/17/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 6/17/10


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Stephen: Pam, how many times have you repressed your own feelings and done what was right for the family? How many times did you just shut your mouth and smile when inside you wanted to scream? My love, you deserve better than this. But Stephanie is not going to give it to you. All Stephanie does is take, and take and take. And now she wants to take your only real chance at happiness.

Pam: I know, but I won't let her. I'll make her understand. I will.

Stephen: No, no, sweetheart, shhh shhh, words won't do it.

Pam: Well we'll show her, we'll show her over time.

Stephen: There is no time. She's coming back from the pharmacy. She could come through that door any minute. It's me or Stephanie. It's a new life or just more of the same. Sweetheart, I'll give you the power. I'll be right beside you. Together we will see it, the end to all of Stephanie's tyranny and freedom for you, freedom from all the misery she has caused you. Can you do it? Will you do it?

Pam: Yes, Stephen I will.

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