B&B Best Lines Friday 5/21/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 5/21/10


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Steffy: You want me to back off Hope's teenybopper relationship? Fine, I'll back off. But I need something from you first.

Brooke: And what would that be?

Steffy: Well, I found a way to get Forrester Creations back in my family's hands. It wasn't supposed to include you or Hope. I'd like you to take your daughter and leave.

Brooke: What has happened to you? Are you that full of pain and hurt? Are you that jealous of my daughter? Well, obviously, she is lashing out, Stephanie. She's trying to get back at Hope because she's feeling so much pain.

Steffy: I want a place where I can be with my father without your constant interference. Is--is that so wrong? Brooke, I-I don't wish you ill, and I don't want to hurt Hope, but she'd be much better off in college back east. She'd get an education, and she'd be with people her own age. Encouraging her to stay in Los Angeles is not what she needs to try to make it as a model? Not here. Especially not here in this environment. Katie and Donna are gone. And if you chose to stay here, it's gonna be unpleasant for both of you. You ran this company beautifully, I might add. But it's time for you to go.

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