B&B Best Lines Thursday 4/29/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 4/29/10


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Stephanie: Oh, well, that you and your sister have one salient thing in common. You abuse, uh, you abuse the way you use sex. You really do. Not that it hasn't done well for you and Brooke. It has. But after a while, you know, it can get a little tiresome. But you're still young and beautiful. I'm sure you'll catch another wonderful rich guy. But maybe you'll also learn something from a failed marriage-- integrity... trumps sex.

Donna: Oh, and I have no integrity?

Stephanie: No, you don't, really. And it's exactly the sort of thing that brings a guy like Eric back. Always brings him back. All right. I've gotta go. He wants to see me. You know why he wants to see me? Because I have strength and substance, and that lasts a lot longer than a little old jar of honey.

Bill: About Donna's settlement demands. You see, I have a staff of lawyers that can sue the stripes off a zebra. And they're coming after Eric... and his precious company. Oh, I see a little steam comin' out of those ears. That's right, Stephanie. Call it compensation for all the torture you've put this woman through.

Stephanie: And why am I not surprised by this?

Bill: Take a good look at her, Stephanie. The new part-owner of Forrester Creations. You thought you got rid of her. That didn't last too long, did it? Oh, and, uh, give that two-timer a message for me, will ya? He doesn't stand a chance, and neither do you. Soon, Donna will be back where she rightfully belongs-- back in the boardroom, one of five proud owners of Forrester Creations. See you in court.

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