B&B Best Lines Thursday 4/22/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 4/22/10


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Brooke: Yeah, modeling my favorite dress.

Katie: I remember when she told you that you had to pass it down to Donna.

Brooke: Oh, I was heartbroken.

Katie: You had practically worn it to ribbons. And I knew I would never get my turn in it.

Brooke: Well, it wasn't so much about the dress. It was really about the day. I mean, mom took me to go buy a dress, and it was just us. Just her and me. And we had lunch at the department store tea room, and it was very clean and white, crispy tablecloths with the napkins set just perfectly. I mean, mom must have... must have worked for weeks to be able to make that day happen.

Katie: Donna and I were so jealous.

Brooke: Yeah, but you guys had your turn. And mom was so good about that, you know? She was so good about each one of us having our special memories with her. I don't think I really appreciated everything she did as a mother. Not really. Not until I became a mother myself. Your grandmother was really special. She taught us a lot. She taught us girls how to sacrifice, how to work really, really hard, and she taught us that it was very important to take care of each other and to love each other, even if we didn't really like each other at times. Most importantly, she... she taught us that we need to stick together as a family.

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