B&B Best Lines Monday 4/19/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 4/19/10


Provided By Wanda

Donna: What did you do? Wh--what did you do to her? Did--did you fight? Did you push her in the water?

Stephanie: What? No! No! I didn't do anything like that. Look, I... I just--she was .... I walked away because I didn't want to continue arguing with her.

Brooke: You were arguing with our mother?

Stephanie: Oh, boy. I was at the guesthouse. I was packing, and your mother appeared at the door. I was startled to see her alone, right? So, uh, she was fretting about you girls. She was all upset. I tried to get her to calm down. I-I tried to bring her back here to the house. She wouldn't follow me. She--she took off, so... and at first, I wasn't sure, should I come here and try and find Stephen or Eric? And then I thought, no, I better follow her. I went down to the pool, and she was standing there, and we, you know... I told her not to be frightened, I wouldn't touch her. I just wanted her to come with me. She got all agitated. She got all upset. She just kept saying silly things, things that she didn't know what she meant by, and she's waving this thing in my face, and--and I-I grabbed it, and I threw it. And as soon as I did that, I-I realized... that I was really agitating her, and the best thing was just to walk away, which I did.

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