B&B Best Lines Thursday 3/25/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 3/25/10


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Donna: Eric, I understand that you want unity. But Pam and I-- it's just-- honey bear, please don't.

Eric: Now wait, you never-- you didn't have any trouble working with Pam when you were doing "The Catwalk." In fact, you-- you had a great time. You reveled in it. Uh, you wouldn't even quit when I asked you to. When I asked you to quit that job, you refused.

Donna: Wha-- I-I-I couldn't very well let her go on TV by herself, Eric. Somebody had to defend Forrester Creations.

Eric: You should've defended me. When your sister and her husband stole this company out from under me and my family, you should have defended me. Oh you were supportive. You, uh, you sympathized and, uh, you told me how sorry you were. You even let me vent. But you never did anything to try to stop it. You'd just run off and do another taping of your show, and another-- another fashion shoot for the glamour line. .....Now Pam stays. That's my decision, and it's final. It's not debatable. As for Stephanie, I'm very, very glad she's back here. I have to tell you that. I'm happier here now than I have been in a very, very long time. Th decision is final, too. Now if you cannot deal with that, if you can't accept it, then I'm very disappointed.

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