B&B Best Lines Wednesday 2/17/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 2/17/10


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Bill: Hmm, look at you, sitting in the grown-up chair. It's cute-- sort of like when a little girl tries to slip on her daddy's shoes. They're just too big. Stealing Katie’s diamond for collateral. Okay. You've got my attention.

Steffy: You know, last night, you so wanted to have sex with me.

Bill: I want the ring back.

Steffy: You were so turned on kissing me. But then your wife came home. But we both know, don't we? You wanted me.

Bill: Remember me telling you not to overestimate yourself? Last night wasn't nearly as much about wanting you as it was about my misguided anger toward Katie. Now you have a lot to lose, too. When your father finds out you almost slept with the enemy, all hell's gonna break loose.

Steffy: I'm doing this for my dad. I wanted to be the only person who could defeat you. And when I give him back the company, he'll forgive me. But will Katie forgive you?

Bill: So this is all just a big game to you, huh?

Steffy: No, I-I told you that. It's not all a game. You are a very attractive man, and, hey, power is a turn-on. But what I wanted always was Forrester Creations. And you were the means.

Bill: We got too close. I'm back with my wife. This company is not some sort of consolation prize. You're exploiting a personal relationship, Steffy.

Steffy: Whatever it takes.

Bill: It's wrong.

Steffy: This coming from the master manipulator.

Bill: I understand your wanting to do this for your family. It's admirable. But what you're doing-- it's not right.

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