B&B Best Lines Tuesday 1/12/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 1/12/10


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Bill: Ah, well, well, gang's all here. Good morning, class.

Ridge: I thought we were meeting in Katie's office.

Bill: Well, now we're meeting in this office. We didn't walk in on a planning session for another coup attempt, did we? Come on, people, where are your senses of humor? Well, everyone is obviously a little bit grumpy, so I will, uh, keep this brief. Playtime is over. I hope you enjoyed your little game. Now it's time to get back to work. I want to see first sketches on a real collection by the end of the week.

Ridge: This is an impossible situation, Bill. Why don't you do us all a favor and cut your losses?

Bill: Quit? No. Never. That's not even in my vocabulary. I bought this company to make it a success, to help all of you. You're the ones who plotted to bring it down.

Ridge: Because we don't want to work for you.

Bill: But you do work for me. You signed contracts. I pay you a ridiculous amount of money. And you should all be very grateful.

Katie: Okay, listen, there are no angels in this room. We've all done things that we shouldn't have. We can either stay ticked off at each other and this company can come to a screeching halt, or we can forgive and forget and hopefully put forrester creations back on top.

Eric: That's your solution for all of this? Forgiveness?

Katie: Can you think of a better one, Eric?

Bill: You know what? I'm willing to do it. What about all of you? Okay, you want to hate me, hate me, but I will never fire any of you. And this company will never, ever be back in your hands.

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