B&B Best Lines Tuesday 1/5/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 1/5/10


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Katie: And I don't want to hear any more how Eric shouldn't be forced to have Bill in his house, the man who robbed him of his company, because you know that's not how it happened. Bill paid top dollar for this company. He didn't steal anything. Eric lost the company. And that may be difficult for you and Eric and everyone else to admit. It may be like a knife in Ridge and Eric's gut, but let me tell you something. Having everyone treat my husband like some kind of pariah is like a knife in mine.

Brooke: Oh, honey, we don't want to hurt you, especially not Donna and me. We love you.

Katie: And I love you. You're my family. And family means more to me than anything. You mean more to me than anything. I have always gone to you for advice, for guidance, because I have always known that you won't lie to me. You may not tell me what I want to hear. You may not make it easy, but you will tell me the truth, and that's what I need from you right now. I am gonna ask you one more time for the truth. I want you to tell me if the Dare line is legitimate. I need to know that I can trust you. I need to know that Eric and Ridge and, most importantly, you and Donna are working with me to make this company great. Is this great? Or is it sabotage? Can I trust you? Or are you betraying me? And I am trying so hard not to believe that you're betraying me, Brooke. I am trying so hard. But then I look at-- at these designs. I look at these designs, and I think, are these for real?! I-I--this dress-- this dress-- I mean, is this for real? Are any--any of these dresses for real? Or is this just a joke with me as the punch line? Would you let them do that to your own sister? I need you to answer me. Tell me the truth.

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