B&B Best Lines Thursday 12/17/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 12/17/09


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Ridge: Spencer's pretty much given us free rein with our designs because he trusts our talents, just like Spencer’s stockholders trust his. Everybody answers to somebody, Dad, even the great and powerful Bill Spencer. In this economy, acquisitions have to pay off, and if they don't, they get dumped fast.

Eric: And one bad collection, and Forrester gets sold off to the highest bidder.

Ridge: Us.

Eric: Yeah. Look, I think you're right. I-I-I see your point. I think it's all good, except for one thing. I mean, Bill-- Bill doesn't understand the artistry of--of fashion design, and he only cares about what's new, what's--what's next, the bottom line, the almighty dollar. And he might even be able to bring Katie over to his way of thinking. He probably will. But Brooke and Donna, they're gonna know we're turning out garbage.

Ridge: Which is why we have to let 'em in on it.

Eric: What? Tell them?

Ridge: I'm not gonna keep a secret like this from my wife. Are you? They want this company back in our hands as much as we do.

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