B&B Best Lines Tuesday 11/24/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 11/24/09


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Stephanie: If there's anything that I've learned from my mother's passing, I-I guess it would be if there's something unresolved between you and someone that you love, resolve it. Don't let it drag out.

Ridge: Well, Mother, you did a pretty good job of resolving that with your mother, didn't you?

Stephanie: Well, it took a long time. I always thought she'd die before we'd ever speak to one another again, and, you know... she came out that Christmas. You were responsible for that.

Eric: I was, wasn't I? Uh, remind me of that again.

Stephanie: You started playing all those... ... Christmas carols that you always play, and everyone started singing, and she started singing, and I don't know. It affected me in some way. And I guess it just-- all the walls came tumbling down. It was fortunate, you know? Here Pam and I were able to be with her at the beach right there with that beautiful ocean and... I watched the expression, the tranquility and the peace that came over her face. It was, uh-- and I think she just left this life, a life that had been so uncomfortable for her for so many years-- I think she left it a little easier. And we were lucky, Pam and I, to be there to share it with her. And all because you brought her out here that Christmas. Thanks, Eric. Thank you very much.

Eric: Yeah. Come here. That's my girl. Sweet, sweet, girl.

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