B&B Best Lines Friday 10/2/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 10/2/09


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Donna: Oh, my God. This man has brainwashed you.

Bill: No, no, I really haven't. You see, what all of you apparently can't grasp is that Katie actually thinks for herself. And just for the record, she loves this company as much as all of you.

Eric: Save your breath, Bill. We're not interested.

Bill: Not interested? Really? Okay. Y-you're not interested in getting this huge financial albatross off your back? Because that's what I'm offering. I buy Forrester Creations from the bank. It becomes a whole new company, part of the Spencer empire. You and Ridge and Brooke and everyone critical to the company success remain. It's business as usual, except you don't have that ax hanging over your head. No more Forrester Creations will have the ability to become an international powerhouse instead of this little father-son deal you have going here.

Ridge: Bill, Forrester Creations is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world already.

Bill: Yeah, and it's, uh, sinking, Ridge, faster than a mafia snitch in cement booties. But the good news is I think we could all work this out with only minimal executive changes.

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