B&B Best Lines Thursday 10/1/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 10/1/09


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Jarrett: Taking over Forrester is a bad idea, Justin. No one's ever succeeded at Forrester except the Forresters.

Justin: Are you saying he can't do it?

Jarrett: Why would he want to? Hmm? I-I-I mean, he needs a pet project? One that could potentially ruin his relationship with Katie Logan? She obviously means a lot to him. I mean a-a big jungle cat like Bill Spencer doesn't change his stripes over any old kitten.

Hillary: I mean, he has been different. He never used to ask about my personal life. Now he lets me off early to go to my daughter's soccer games.

Justin: Katie's had some impact on him. But Bill is still a shrewd business man. Once he makes up his mind, he makes it happen. Bill doesn't back down for anyone.

Michael: Look, you're putting up more than Forrester will be worth in six or eight months. He's going down. He's going under. They can't pay their bills. You've forced me to--to accelerate the process.

Bill: I forced you?

Michael: But by waiting until they have no choice but to default, you'll save yourself a fortune. And then nobody will be the bad guy.

Bill: Hmm. So that's what this is all about? You're willing to do your bank out of my overly generous offer to buy Forrester Creations because you don't like wearing the black hat.

Michael: I've been Eric Forrester's banker for a long time. I've come to consider him a friend.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, well, I-I get that. I do. Everybody hates sticking it to a friend, even if he has it coming, even if he's sitting on what he has rightfully forfeited. I mean, you could make a grab for it, but that would make you the bad guy. Who likes being the bad guy? Nobody. That's why God made me.

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