B&B Best Lines Monday 9/28/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 9/28/09


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Nick: The woman's a one-woman dynamo.

Stephanie: Look, you don't have to be patronizing, Nick. I was just, you know, saying let's give credit where credit is due, considering everything I've done for the company, for all of you....... I heard him, Bridget. Um, uh, well, look. The truth is I don't need to look at a bunch of, um, figures on a page. I-I think I know what's best for this company. I just go by my instincts. Always have, always will. If there's a problem with that, you know, there's the door.

Jackie: Stephanie, I hope you don't think that we're questioning your judgment. I mean, Nicky, me, all of us, we--we value your input tremendously.

Stephanie: Well, I hope so. I'm not exactly a neophyte. You know, there wouldn't have been a Forrester Creations if it hadn't been for me. It was my money that started the company. I was the one that wooed the press and courted the buyers and handled all the financial end of the business, because, you know, it was hard work, it was stressful, but it had to be done just like it had to be done here at Jackie M. To make this a pre-- a, you know, a... but am I appreciated for all of working-- my working hours that I spend here to make this a-a-success. ............ Well, what I understand is that I pour my heart and soul into this place, but do I get the cover on "Eye on Fashion"? No. I get a little, you know, party with some stale champagne. ....... This is just another one of those rambling, uh, meetings we have, you know, talking about, uh, figures and, uh, Forrester-- and all that sort of stuff. But you know, that was the problem before I ever got here. You, uh, guys were way in over your heads, you know, just one step ahead of the creditors, but I knew exactly what had to be done to save this business, and I did it. It was a lot of hard work, but I did it. And, uh, you know, I am responsible for all of the success. I-I've turned this company around, and I, um, I am Jackie M. Designs.

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