B&B Best Lines Friday 8/28/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 8/28/09


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Beth: How dare you come in here and accuse me of anything after everything that you have done over the years, the way you've treated the Logans, always lording it over us as though you're so much better than we are. Well, you're not, Stephanie. Oh, I know you pretend to be all virtuous and moral, but it's a lie. You're whole life is filled with lies and dark secrets and--

Stephanie: Okay, calm down, Beth. Just calm down.

Beth: I-I don't want to calm down! I have things to say to you, and I am at last going to say them.

Stephanie: Well, okay, but there's no reason to get all upset. I can see you're angry, and so am I.

Beth: Oh, you're angry? Really? What are you angry about? What do you have to be angry about? I didn't try to ruin your kids' marriage, but you have done your level best to do that to Brooke's.

Stephanie: And you didn't have a hand in ruining mine?

Beth: Eric belonged to me, Stephanie, not you. Northwestern University--you remember that? Or is that one of the ugly little truths you don't like to think about up in your Beverly Hills mansion? The way you got pregnant and tried to steal Eric away from me, and it worked. Oh, yes, it worked, and the love of my life married you instead of me.

Stephanie: My God, this--this--this is a lifetime ago. What--what--let's just stay focused here for the moment, okay? I'm simply asking you not to interfere in my son's life.

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