B&B Best Lines Tuesday 8/4/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 8/4/09


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Katie: What are you doing here?

Bill: Following you. I smell another Forrester scandal.

Katie: Only someone who is lower than low would use a private wedding to sell magazines...

Bill: Well, low is a relative term.

Katie: You probably should go.

Bill: Just before the "I dos"?

Katie: I only know what I've been told.

Bill: You Logans-- always good for a headline.

Katie: Watch it. You can say what you want about me. Don't say anything about my sister.

Bill: You're the protector of her, huh?

Katie: Yeah, you bet I am. Brooke has never done a mean or cruel thing in her life. She's a good person. Sometimes she leads with her heart and that gets her into trouble. But she would forgive you a thousand times whether you deserve it or not. She will believe in you whether you deserve it or not. I ought to know. It's the way she's always treated me, no matter how many mistakes I've made.

Bill: I see.

Katie: You see what?

Bill: You're pretty hard on yourself, that's all. Now don't tell me you're not, because I've seen it-- what happened with Nick. You told me about the situation with your brother.

Bill: You're incredibly low, but then you remember that your big sister still loves you. I imagine that's a-a good feeling to know there's somebody out there who loves you no matter what.

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