B&B Best Lines Thursday 7/23/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 7/23/09


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Owen: Listen, who cares? When the competition stumbles, you don't stand around wondering what happened?

Whip: No, no, no, exactly. Exactly, I mean, this--huh-- that's old news. But this--oh, this is what everybody is talking about. Jackie M., That's you, lady. See, fashion is all about creating the right image, and it's this image-- a powerful woman with a to-die-for husband. See, Jackie, in the same way that Stephanie used to epitomize the grandeur of Forrester Creations, you embody the bold, irreverent spirit of this company. Now I want to amp it up. I-I want to push it. I want to go total claws out cougar diva.

Jackie: (Growls)

Whip: Yeah, that's it, yeah. I mean, we're gonna have to turn the heat up if we want to be number one. We gotta turn the heat up on Forrester Creations and the entire fashion industry. Okay, no more stick-thin teenage models, right?

Jackie: Oh, good.

Whip: No, we want real women, okay? We're gonna give them something that they have never seen before. This campaign, mm, has gotta s-s-s-s-sizzle.

Jackie: Why don't you just tell me what you want because your... (growls) cougar, she's ready.

Whip: Okay, remember, we're selling fantasy. You can go over the top. Just camp it up. If--if you think you've gone too far... Go just a little bit farther.

Owen: Okay, wa-wait a minute. My wife has a reputation. She's a top-notch businesswoman. She's not, uh, Mrs. Claws.

Whip: Well, uh, this campaign will make her successful beyond her wildest dreams. Come--it's called "indulge." Come on, take a look at the storyboards. Come, come, look. It's all about pleasure and satisfaction, okay? The finest clothes, the sexiest men, the most delicious food, opulent locations.

Pam: Decadence.

Clarke: Oh, that sort of thing can get you in trouble these days, although I am all for decadence. The best of everything for me.

Pam: That's what a man like you deserves.

Whip: You know what, Pam? It's what everybody deserves. But they don't-- they don't think that they do. But Jackie does. Jackie's not afraid to take a great big juicy bite out of life. If she wants a younger man, she's gonna get a much younger man, and, you know, why have one when you can have four? Hey, boys, come on in. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Clarke: Yabba dabba doo.

Owen: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait a minute. I thought this was Jackie's photo shoot. It's not "Dudes-R-Us," come on.

Whip: Owen, Owen, these are just props.

Jackie: Oh, you are bad.

Whip: That's right, but you are badder, okay? And that's exactly what we want to put out there. You are--you are unabashed. You are unapologetic. You are undeterred by anything. Jackie, you are living the life that our clients only daydream about. I mean, they may not be able to seduce every man on the dance floor, but we want them to think that wearing our clothes allows them to.

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