B&B Best Lines Monday 7/6/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 7/6/09


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Nick: Room service. Surf lessons. Beach cabana. Wait, there's a special notation here. "See separate bar bill."

Bridget: That can't be right.

Nick: Oh, yeah. Drinks in the room every night. Drinks by the pool. Drinks by the beach. That's what he did. It was just a pitcher of mai tai after mai tai. There it is.

Chaika: There what is?

Nick: He isolates her from family and friends, and he gets her loaded, and he drags her right to the altar. No escape and absolutely no prenup. I want to get back to L.A. And call my lawyers and accountants.

Bridget: Why?

Nick: Because I have to protect our assets. When the cash runs out, this guy's gonna be gone. He's gonna break my mother's heart. She's just a means to the end. I got to stay one step ahead of this guy, make sure I make my next move before he makes his.

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