B&B Best Lines Friday 7/3/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 7/3/09


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Brooke: You've waited years and years for this.

Stephanie: Yes, but I've also realized what a waste all the fighting has been about. You were so determined to have what I had, and I was so determined that you wouldn't-- the Forrester name, the Forrester men, and you got them all. But at what cost? At what cost to your boy? He's been caught up in the middle of all this. The anger that he has is anger with you. He takes it out on Ridge, but the anger is with you because of the revolving door of men in your life.

Brooke: Stephanie, please.

Stephanie: No, listen to me. I have something to say. I want to say it, and I want you to listen. I'm older, I'm grayer, I hope a little wiser, and I've thought this out. I always believed this day would come. I never anticipated that it would become as a result of your son. I never thought he'd drive the last nail in the coffin. Life has consequences. You pushed that boy aside-- pushed him, and pushed him, and pushed him-- in favor of other men, most of the time for Ridge. You can't live your life like that and not expect consequences. There are just natural consequences. This is it. I take no pleasure in this moment. I know your heart is broken. Ten years ago, I would have danced a jig on your grave. I would have walked out of here laughing at you. But I understand. I don't have my company. I don't have the love of my life. I understand what you feel, but I also understand that Ridge is where he belongs-- with Taylor. She gives him what you've never capable of giving him. She gives him peace of mind. She gives him stability. These are just the consequences. You have to accept the reality of this, the responsibility of what you've done. It's all come back around. Your moment, your time, your era with Ridge, that's gone, Brooke. It's gone.

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