B&B Best Lines Tuesday 6/23/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 6/23/09


Provided By Wanda

Jackie: Owen just wants to be treated like --

Nick: Like what? Seriously, like one of the family, showing up at my wedding on your arm? Have you even given any thought how it's going to appear to people, seeing you two as a couple?

Jackie: What are we doing that is so untoward. I mean, really? What are we doing. except for the age difference, older women younger men, passé these days. The fact that we're cohabitating? I don't think so. Plenty of that going around. Ahh, of course, there was that time that we hid in my loft like a couple of kids having the time of our lives. Is that it, Nicky? Is that how Owen is degrading me, by giving me some of the most carefree moments of my life. I have asked you and asked you, give it time. I've asked you to try to understand, and I don't think you've tried at all. Why are you so determined for me not to be happy?

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