B&B Best Lines Friday 6/5/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 6/5/09


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Bill: It's leverage. It happens in business all the time.

Stephanie: Mm, not like this. I mean, go ahead and play your hand, but if you expose Eric, I'll expose you, and that recording will be all over the media and the internet just like that.

Bill: It's not gonna keep him from going to prison.

Stephanie: Maybe not, Bill, but it'll put you in a cell right next to him.

Gloria: She's right. Feds get wind of this, expect an indictment.

Stephanie: You know, L.A. Seems like such a vast space, but it's really just a small town, especially to the people that have lived here for a long time. You blow in from the east coast like some hot air balloon, and you think that you are going to bamboozle a family that this town loves? Extortion? Blackmail? Amateur tactics. Did you really think you'd get away with it? Because that's not the way it works here. I suggest that you pack up your tent and slink off into the night.

Bill: The man humiliated you, practically eviscerated you from his company, from his life. And yet you still defend him.

Stephanie: Family squabble. Happens all the time. And we always get through it, because we are a family. And you know what we do to arrogant sons of bitches like you? We bury 'em alive. Good-bye, Bill.

Bill: You know, I think it's important that you and your family understand something about me. I view business-- in fact, I view life as a no-holds-barred cage fight, one in which the winner isn't declared until one contestant quits or dies. Everybody gettin' the picture? We're just getting started.

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