B&B Best Lines Wednesday 5/27/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 5/27/09


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Bill: Well, well. What a nice surprise. Brooke Logan. I've had the pleasure of meeting both your sisters, but I must say that I have looked forward to meeting you the most. Your reputation precedes you.

Brooke: My actual reputation, or the one that Stephanie Forrester would have you believe?

Bill: Are you saying Stephanie' stretching the truth?

Brooke: Stephanie only tells the truth when it suits her.

Bill: Mm-hmm. She's assured me of the authenticity of her work.

Brooke: Really? I'd call it slander.

Bill: Mm, look at you getting all worked up. You know, I hate to see a pretty lady sweat... when she's wearing clothes, that is. Here's a way to tell whether or not Stephanie got her facts straight. What are you wearing under there?

Brooke: Ex--excuse me?

Bill: Well, according to Stephanie, you're always wearing some skimpy piece of lingerie. Let's see if she's right. If you've got on so granny-style bloomers, uh, then I promise you that I will cut Stephanie and her web site off at the knees. However, if you do have on some nasty, lacy teddy, then I'll know that Stephanie's on the up-and-up. What do you say, Brooke?

Brooke: I am not stripping for you to prove a point.

Bill: Ahh, so you are wearing a teddy. Stephanie was right.

Brooke: Look, I realize that "The Logan Chronicles" earned you some sort of money from a journalistic point of view, but it is trash. Really, that's all it is. And it's beneath you to hock this nonsense, whether it be on the internet or in print.

Bill: You know, I'm not has high-minded as you seem to think I am. I'd much rather be rich than respected.

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