B&B Best Lines Thursday 3/5/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 3/5/09


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Brooke: Yes. An attempt was made on my son's life last night. Now I want you all to keep your eyes and your ears open. I know Rick is controversial, but the person who tried to kill him might be right here at Forrester Creations.

Ridge: Right, then. We're all very worried about little Ricky, aren't we? Okay, but unfortunately, we have a company to run. When dad's away, the mice do play. Now, Brooke has announced that we're having the new line debut a lot sooner than expected. It wasn't really the intended purpose of the press conference, but so be it. Enough chitchat. Now we all have to put in 110% if we're gonna get the new deadline going, okay? I suggest we all get to it.

Rick: Before everybody gets to work, since I am staying on as president of Forrester Creations, I made a few additional decisions. First order of business-- the Forrester surf line. Unfortunately, it did not do as well as we expected. Pam, we know your crochet bikini was hot for, you know, a short amount of time, but, uh, your services will no longer be needed. Owen, same goes for you.

Owen: So what are we gonna do, Rick? Are we gonna just have a fire sale? You know, I love it how you take all the credit for the surf line when it's good and it's great, and then when things get tough, you bail. I just guess that's how Ricky rolls, right?

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