B&B Best Lines Monday 3/2/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 3/2/09


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Thorne: Well let me tell you something, Dad. It would be impossible to overreact to something like this.

Eric: I never promised you anything.

Thorne: It was a done deal. When Brooke fired Rick, the job was mine.

Donna: But Brooke changed her mind, Thorne.

Pam: She changed her mind after Ricky boy changed her mind. I'm sorry, Eric, but this doesn't wash with me either. Rick is spoiled and he uses people. He killed Phoebe and he sent Marcus off to International so he could make moves on Steffie. Everybody knows that is how Phoebe ended up dead. And now he goes and steals the presidency right out from underneath Thorne. Come on, Eric, you've got to face this. Rick needs to be dealt with. He needs to be taught a lesson.

Thorne: Amen.

Eric: Rick is our president. He's a fine businessman. You will all treat him with respect. You will treat him with respect or say nothing. I'm tired of all this whining.

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