B&B Best Lines Thursday 2/26/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 2/26/09


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Owen: Hey, Rick, I have a few good ideas about the Surf Line I wanted to tell you about.

Rick: I'm sorry, Owen, it's been a stressful day.

Owen: I thought you'd be interested since you didn't mind taking credit for it at the fashion show.

Rick: Yes, that wasn't exactly the smartest move on my part. The concept for that line came from you and Donna and quite frankly that is why it stank.

Owen: Well I just need to put more life into it.

Rick: Owen, you don't know anything about fashion. You are in way over your head. It's a total disaster.

Owen: Because it's not the raging success you thought it'd be, you are going to blame it all on me?

Rick: You should be waxing the surf board, not designing clothes.

Owen: Well your dad is the one who hired me.

Rick: If I stay on as President of this company, I'll be the one who fires you.

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