B&B Best Lines Thursday 2/12/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 2/12/09


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Eric: We're talking about Rick's future with the company.

Thorne: President wasn't enough? Now you, what, want to be the King of Forrester Creations?

Ridge: Does everyone know why we're here?

Felicia: Something about Rick.

Eric: Listen, everyone, I want us to address this calmly. I want us to assess the situation and then decide what we should do.

Stephanie: I say ship the little bastard back to Paris.

Ridge: I don't give a damn where you send him. He can't stay here.

Rick: Dad, come on. This is ridiculous. This is not a jury. This is a firing squad.

Ridge: Well, you didn't seem to have any trouble bragging about your exploits to me. It shouldn't be any problem making your case in front of the family, would it?

Felicia: What did he do?

Ridge: Well, let's see. For starters, he killed Phoebe. Last night, he almost killed Steffy, too.

Rick: That is such a lie, and you know it.

Ridge: The hell it is. You're on your own here, Junior. Nobody in this room is gonna back you up-- not dad, not your own mom. So why don't you pack all your garbage up, say your good-byes and stay the hell away from my daughter?

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