B&B Best Lines Monday 2/9/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 2/9/09


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Taylor: Steffy. Steffy, listen to me. Did you listen to anything that Dr. Warwick said to you?

Steffy: No, Dr. Warwick doesn't know nothing. This is my life.

Stephanie: That's true. It is your life, and you're living it. But when you're an adult, you have to learn to live your life responsibly, and before you say anything, I understand what you and Rick have gone through these past few weeks. It's been wonderful and hot and romantic and passionate. But do not mistake that for real and enduring love, because it isn't. The two of you have suffered a terrible loss, and it-- it's brought you closer together, and that's understandable. But what I think is that you are very lonely, and I think you're filled with guilt because you're alive and your sister's not. You know what happens to people sometimes when a terrible tragedy enters their life? They grab ahold of life. They grab ahold of passion, and they bring it to themselves, and they cling to it because they think that's the only way they're going to survive such a terrible loss. That's what you've done. That's what your father's going through. He's hanging on by a thread, and the terrible problem is, you're the thread. I know it's a heavy burden to put on your very young shoulders, but that's just the reality. You want to be an adult, you want to be treated like an adult, then you have to act like one. Your father has never given you anything but unconditional love, and that's what he needs from you now at this moment-- absolute, unconditional love. No problems, no sorries. You have to choose him. You have to choose him over Rick.

Steffy: Fine. Fine! Fine! Fine, I'll break it off.

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