B&B Best Lines Tuesday 2/3/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 2/3/09


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Rick: But you--all right, you know what? For the last time, that was an accident. You know it.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter. Accident or no accident, the point is, she's dead. And you have taken from him the most precious thing that-- that a parent can have-- the life of a child. How do you sleep at night?

Rick: I-I don't sleep at night, okay? There, I said it. Every time I close my eyes, I see Phoebe's face. And I try to go to sleep and-- and--and I dream about her, and I dream about that night. You know what I see? I see the car flying off the road, and I see Phoebe lying in the ditch. And I see Ridge holding her in his arms, and I see Ridge's tears, and I see Phoebe slip away and die.

Stephanie: Is it just about you and your wants and needs, or do you really give a damn about what she needs?

Rick: What--how the hell could you even ask me that? Of course, I care about what Steffy needs. I would do anything for her.

Stephanie: Anything but the one thing that she really needs from you, and that is to let her go. I loved you as a boy. You were the sweetest thing. Where did that boy go, Rick? What happened? I put this right in your mother and father's lap. Now you listen to me. Listen to me carefully, because sometimes in life, you have the chance to do what's right for someone that you love, and this is that moment. If you walk away from her, of course she'll be hurt. She'll be terribly hurt, but it's the kind of hurt that you get over. But if you keep sneaking around, seeing one another, the truth will come out, Rick. It will. It always does. And then what's Ridge going to do? Don't turn this into some tragic little love story.

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