B&B Best Lines Thursday 1/15/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 1/15/09


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Thorne: Well, then you know why I'm here.

Eric: You're unhappy.

Thorne: Yes, I am.

Eric: You play a very important role here, son.

Thorne: Yeah? What is that role, dad? The yes-man? You don't value my opinion. You don't even want me around.

Eric: Oh, Thorne, that's-- it's not true!

Thorne: I'm back in the basement again, dad. In the basement, yet again. Who's in the office next door? Who's in the office down the hall? Ever since you got together with Donna--

Eric: Now wait. Wait. This isn't about Donna, is it? About her family?

Thorne: Is it me, dad? Is that why I've been shoved in a corner? Ridge and Rick, they're varsity. I'm J.V. It's okay for emergencies... But I'm just not quite good enough for the "A" team? Is that what this is?

Eric: Look, you know-- you know--

Thorne: I know what? What do I know, dad? I know what I see! I see my two half brothers who are constantly being promoted and being rewarded. Hell, Donna--her family-- Owen even has more face time than me, dad!

Eric: I'm not looking over your shoulder, Thorne, because I know that you're accomplishing your job without that.

Thorne: Or maybe it's because my job is so insignificant, it doesn't matter if I do it well.

Eric: Oh, gosh, stop this.

Thorne: You know what? Rick has your name, okay? I've accepted that. He has your name. But I have worked at this company for years, for decades. I have earned it, dad. I deserve to be at the top.

Eric: Your contribution has not-- has not been overlooked. It's very, very important to me. Now I'm depending on you. I'm depending on you to--to-- to pull this company together.

Thorne: To pull it together? God, I-I-I'd rather rip this place to its studs. And while you're running it, dad, that's the way that it's going. You're putting your faith in the wrong people. Rick is a -- he's a petulant little brat, dad. And yet you reward him. I don't know who you are anymore. I don't even feel like I have a father.

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