B&B Best Lines Wednesday 1/14/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 1/14/09


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Jackie: Stephanie? Is that you enjoying a rather early happy hour?

Stephanie: "Happy" is not necessarily the word that comes to mind.

Jackie: Hmm. Rough day at the office?

Stephanie: Rough year at the office. And from what I hear, you could probably use a drink, too. Would you care to join me?

Jackie: Not much of a drinker these days, actually.

Stephanie: Oh. It's on me.

Jackie: That's very gracious.

Stephanie: It's the least I can do. I hear your business is on the skids.

Jackie: Whatever you've heard, Stephanie... things are much, much worse.

Stephanie: Oh. Well, then you could use a martini.......

Excuse me. Uh, could we have another one of these, please? Maybe you better make that a double.

Jackie: You are a wicked influence, Forrester. My company's in the toilet, so I've got an excuse to have a drink. What's yours?

Stephanie: Eric Forrester. Oh, Lord. It seems to me that you and I had a battle or two over him.

Jackie: Yeah, I vaguely remember.

Stephanie: Mmm. But to lose in the end to a blonde bimbo Barbie doll... (shudders)

Jackie: You know, I was actually rooting for you to win this one.

Stephanie: Well, thanks. I don't know who he is anymore. I really don't. I don't think I've ever been more frustrated with Eric at any moment in my life than right now.

Jackie: It's typical, though, isn't it, really? You know, for the man to go for, well, youth rather than... experience.

Stephanie: That was delicately put. You know, it's not just his poor taste. It's his poor judgment. He's backing Rick and those Logan girls -- running the company over my children and me, and I don't think he has any right to do that.

Jackie: Well, it is his company.

Stephanie: It's our company. It wouldn't even be a company if my father hadn't given us the money to start it up in the beginning.

Jackie: Sounds to me like he needs to be taught a lesson.

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