B&B Best Lines Friday 1/9/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 1/9/09


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Stephanie: Of course, you want to move on. Why cry over spilled blood?

Rick: I'm not gonna listen to this anymore. I am the president of this company. So you can pack your desk, if you have one, and get the hell out of here.

Stephanie: So you think that you can get rid of me with just a little presidential wave of your hand?

Rick: Nobody wants you here anymore, Stephanie. My father already fired you as his wife. You know nothing about fashion or marketing or money, except how to spend it. We really have no need for you here anymore.

Stephanie: I was keeping this company afloat before you were born. I was the one that bankrolled Eric and got him up on his feet. No one-- no one in the fashion world ever believed that high fashion could come out of Los Angeles, California. I made them eat their words. So you watch your tone with me. I am not your mother. I know how to put a misbehaving child in his place, and you better trust me that I will do it.

Rick: You better think long and hard about stepping up to me. Your stock is not very high around here these days.

Stephanie: Oh, and yours is? The scandal of you dating Phoebe, then sleeping with her mother and killing that girl in a car accident.

Rick: I want you out of here! I'm not gonna tell you again.

Stephanie: You actually think that you're some sort of a power player here because Daddy has put you in this office and given you a nameplate out there. No, honey, this is like being a little boy and sitting in daddy's lap when he lets you drive the car and you work the steering wheel. You make one wrong turn, and you're in the backseat again, pal.

Rick: I made an executive decision, one which was mine to make. I can't work with you, so I won't.

Stephanie: Fine. You're fired.

Rick: You don't have the authority to do that.

Stephanie: Honey, I had more authority in second grade then you'll ever have on your best day, so start packin', baby boy.

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