B&B Best Lines Thursday 1/8/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 1/8/09


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Stephanie: The next decision that you make.....this decision is going to be the most important decision you make in your life. Phoebe didn't understand what she was doing the night she got in the car with you. She didn't realize the decision she was making. So I'm going to give you the chance she never had. I'm going to give you the chance to really consider what is the worst thing that can happen.

Rick: So you couldn't get my butt in the court and now you're going to convict me in the press?

Stephanie: You are going to pay for what you did to my granddaughter, one way or the other.

Rick: Just keep pushing, Stephanie, I dare you.

Stephanie: Oh, believe me, I will.

Rick: So I guess you and I are having one of those moments? You want to talk about consequences, about calling me out? You wanna go to the press? It's all going to backfire on you. Because the more you press, the lower you will sink and the worse you will look in the eyes of the press and in the eyes of my father and the eyes of everyone in this company. You keep hurting me, you're only going to hurt yourself.

Stephanie: You really think you are going to get away with this?

Rick: Get away with what? Stephanie, everybody in this building....everybody in this company is trying to get over a very painful tragedy. Everybody except for you! That makes you the odd person out. You're making a very, very, big mistake making this personal. You may hate my mother and you may hate me, but you need to start to realize that I am Eric's son, his REAL son. This company is in my blood, it is my legacy and if you keep fighting me, you will find out the hard way.....because I will still be here and you will be gone!

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