B&B Best Lines Wednesday 12/31/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 12/31/08


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Pam: Oh, I missed you so much, Steph. You're the only thing I thought of when I was away. You are happy to see me, too, aren't you?

Stephanie: Honey... I'm thrilled to see you. I'm just--I'm surprised because I didn't know that, you know, that--

Pam: That I was sprung from the funny farm?

Stephanie: Exactly.

Pam: Don't tiptoe around it, Steph.

Stephanie: Okay.

Pam: I was crazy. I was crazy. At least I-I was acting that way. Let's face it, I did some terrible, terrible things.

Stephanie: You remember everything now?

Pam: Well, I-I actually began to remember when I was in the hospital. But I just was so scared that I pretended that I didn't know about the bear and the snake and the gun. But yeah, I-I remember vaguely now, which is some-- part of the reason that I came back to L.A. I mean, I had to do a follow-up with my surgeons and everything, but, um, I wanted to come clean with you and with Donna.

Stephanie: Donna? You're gonna see Donna?

Pam: I already did. I went there first. I apologized profusely. I even gave her this bikini that I hand-crocheted for her. That's my new form of self therapy now--crocheting. Look, I know that I was really ill and that I wasn't myself, but I am now, Steph. I promise. I'm whole again, just like you and Eric and your marriage are whole again.

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